Don Greenbaum

Don was first licensed in 1961. He holds DXCC Top of the Honor Roll on phone (357) and only needs P5 on CW.  His DXCC Challenge total exceeds 3,000.

Previous operations include VP8ORK, A61AD, A51DG, A73A, /KH4, /KH6, /KH9, /VP9, /VS6, /BV2, /4X and /9V.

Don is Treasurer of the Northern California DX Foundation and is also a member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club and one of the founders of CWOPS (member nr. 2).

In 2005, Don was honored at Dayton by CQ Magazine by being inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame

Don is CEO of Al-Anabi Racing USA responsible for the drag racing operations of 7 NHRA and ADRL teams.




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