Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q. What is the Grid Location for Mozambique?
A. Grid is KG64

Q. What is the Band Plan for the operation?
A. See our detailed Band Plan HERE

Q. What will Propagation FROM Mozambique be like?
A. See our customized Propagation Charts for each band HERE

Q. What are the Antennas? Transceivers? Amplifiers? Logging Software?
A1. Antennas include a Titanex Vertical; Battle Creek Special; 4 SteppIR CrankIRs; double loop rx antenna from Array Solutions; Pixel BevPro-1 Beverage and Loop antennas.
A2. Transceivers areI COM IC7600s donated by ICOM, our main sponsor.
A3. Amplifiers are team owned and include a Yaesu V7000, two AL80Bs and two transworld linears
A4. Logging software is Writelog and MMTTY running on IBM Thinkpads. FSK/CW interfaces by W3YY. Daily uploads are anticipated to Clublog.

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