Bill Barr

PHOTO: Bill "Hotdogging" on a zip line in Costa Rica 2012.

Bill was first licensed in 1956 at age 15 as K4KZP. He has held the call of N4NX since 1977. Bill and his wife Leah are avid travelers having visited over 70 countries. He has operated from nine of them.

Bill is at the Top of the DXCC Honor Roll with a total of 358 countries. He has 2800+ band countries for the DXCC Challenge Award. Other awards include 9 band DXCC, IOTA Honor Roll, CQ Field award Honor Roll, 8 band WAZ, USA-CA worked all counties, A1 Operators Club, CQ WPX award of Excellence. He holds 160 meters DXCC certificate #102.

He is Past President of the Southeastern DX Club and currently serves on the Executive Board. He was selected as a Member of the Club's Hall of Fame.

He has operated from DXpeditions to K5D (Desecheo Island) and PJ6A ( First operation as a new country). He also was a member of award winning contest teams from VP2KC, TI50DX & PJ2T. He holds or has held calls HS0ZDI, OK8NX, 9M6NXT and YV5/N4NX.

Bill retired as a Director from Lucent Technologies in 2000. For more on N4NX see www.n4nx.com.

PHOTO: Bill "Hotdogging" on a zip line in Costa Rica 2012.

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