Mike Mraz

Mike got his first ham license at age 11 and his electronics passion eventually led to The Ohio State University where he graduated with a BSEE degree.   Ohio State had  some incredible ham professors back then, including his favorite professor, Dr John Kraus W8JK (sk), who gave fascinating lectures and relatively easy exams.

N6MZ's current passions are travel, sailing, and opera and now that he  recently completed #1 Honor Roll he has a lot more time for all of them.

Mike loves DXpeditioning and has been a team member on VP8ORK, K5D, BS7H, ZL8R, VP5W, FT5XO, XRØX, 9M6OO, KH9/N6MZ,  ZK1XXP, VKØIR, FT5XM, TOØR, and SV5/N6MZ.






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