R. L. "Tad" Williamson

Through an Amateur Radio class at Wildwood High School in Wildwood, FL, Tad was first licensed in 1973 as WN4CUG. His teacher/Elmer was Richard Davidson, WB4OAC, now a silent key. With only a Drake 2C and a 2NT, CW was the only mode available for the first few years of Tad's Amateur Radio journey.

He upgraded to General class while still living in Florida, around 1975. With school, work and the travel his jobs required, he wasn't real active until he moved to the Atlanta area in the early 80's. After a couple of years of compromise antennas in the attic at his apartment complex, Tad moved into his first house and put up a tower and some proper antennas. He started chasing DX and Contesting. He worked any new Countries on any mode he could. CW is still his first mode of choice, but he enjoys RTTY and SSB when chasing DX and Contesting.

Tad is currently a member of the DXCC Honor Roll, has DXCC on 7 bands, 5 Band WAS and several other awards from US and international organizations.

He is a member of the Milledgeville Amateur Radio Club, the Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club, the Southeastern DX Club, the Georgia Contest Group, the Southeast Contest Club and a member of the ARRL.

While there are many paths to follow in Amateur Radio, Tad enjoys contesting and chasing DX. He has been a guest op at W8JI and WW4LL's stations. He has activated two "rare" Georgia counties in the Georgia QSO party and has placed first or second in the "low-power, CW only, GA station" category for the last several years.

Tad has worked in the computer/IT industry for 35 years and has employed his IT knowledge to help in automating his station. He also enjoys helping others with the little kinks everyone encounters when connecting a radio and accessories to computers.

Tad looks forward to operating (and learning) with friends (and seasoned DXpeditioners), Tom, N4XP and Charlie, NF4A and all of the rest of the great operators going to C82DX. He is also looking forward to meeting new friends and making more lifetime international radio friends.


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