Chris R. Burger

Chris was licensed in 1980 as ZS6BCR on his sixteenth birthday. During the Eighties, Chris operated from most of the neighbouring countries in Zone 38, concentrating on low bands, WARC bands and RTTY

His main emphasis in amateur radio is in contesting and DXing, where he once held a number of world records in single-band categories. He prefers CW, followed by RTTY and occasionally SSB. He also occasionally works some DX from home, resulting in 10 Band DXCC, 8 Band Worked All States and 5 Band Worked All Zones. He has all current DXCC entities on Phone and needs only North Korea on CW.

Chris has visited over 70 countries and operated from 15 of them. He participated in WRTC as team captain on three occasions. He is an electronics engineer working as a researcher for the government. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence applications and information security (including electronic QSLing systems). His pet subject is unmanned aircraft.

In his spare time, he is active in a local church, plays a little music, flies VIP jets for the South African Air Force, runs a flying school and is a perennial student. He has compiled and published extensive lists of operating achievements in southern Africa, including all members of DXCC. He has also published over 200 magazine articles in ham radio publications and three books on flight training.
Chris supports the expedition with equipment, and hopes to find the time to join the crew as an operator too.







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