Pierre Holtzhausen

Pierre considers C82DX as a learning platform at this point in his ham career and with what he learns on this trip expects to move on to bigger and better happenings in HF DXing. He was recommended by Tjerk ZS6P for tutelage by our team in DXing and DX operations.

Pierre has been licensed since 2002 and is active in many facets of ham radio in the Pretoria / Johannesburg area. He is currently the chairman of the Pretoria Amateur Radio Club and a member of the South African Radio League.

He has enjoyed VHF and UHF contesting, especially those contests that require portable and field based operations and now looks forward to HF contesting using what he will learn on this DXpedition. He is also now looking forward to be amongst a fully operational HF DXpedition. Pierre, an IT specialist in "real life" works in the IT field.





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