Chris de Beer

Chris was first licensed in 1991 as ZR6TAA and now holds ZS6RI.  He also holds General class license KF6NOF.

He is a member of the Pretoria Amateur Radio Club, SARL and the ARRL.

Chris’s work has taken him all over Africa for extended periods of time where he has operated from Ghana (9G5CB), Tanzania (5HIR), Liberia (EL8RI), Zambia (9J2RI), Lesotho (7P8RI), Marion Island (ZS8IR) and Gough Island (ZD9IR).  He has also operated from Cambodia as XU7ADZ.

Chris is an Advanced Life Support Paramedic providing emergency medical trauma care in remote settings.  He also served in the Johannesburg Emergency Medical Service. 

He holds DXCC for ZS8IR, ZD9IR and 9J2RI and was a member of the ZK1XXP operation from North Cook in 1997.






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